Singleclipper H5 | H-2700

High-speed clipmachine for closing sausages in natural or artificial casings, netting and bags, full or empty, with an aluminium clip.


Just by inserting the casing in the opening, still holding the sausage with both hands, the H5 automatically gathers the casing, closes it with an aluminium clip and trims off the excess material. The closing force of the clip - clip pressure -  can be adjusted manually.

Advantages of the H5:

- Based on compressed air
- Very fast operation
- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials
- Minimum maintenance required

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standard features

- Adjustable closing force


- Pneumatic knife

- Automatic looper

- Spool clip system

technical data

- Caliber range app. Ø 0 - 60 mm
- Clip series H-2710, H-2712, H-2714, H-2716
- Air pressure 6 bar
- Air consumption app. 5 l per cycle
- Net weight app. 35 kg (incl. spool clip system and automatic looper)