Singleclipper PK-700

The PK-700 is a versatile pneumatic single clipper for closing natural, artificial and plastic casings (tubular film), nets and bags using an aluminium clip. Because of the large clip the PK-700 is able to process, the machine is very suitable for closing large calibers and packagings.


The PK-700 is a manual clip machine which is operated using compressed air. The to-be-sealed product is placed inside the machine and the clip handle is pushed down manually. This causes the gatherer to close, thus automatically sealing the clip around the product. The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. A loop can also be inserted manually. In addition, the standard manual blade can be used to cut off excess packaging. 

Advantages of the PK-700:

- Based on compressed air
- Suitable for large calibers
- Double pneumatic clip cylinder without piston spring
- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials
- Easy to clean and maintain

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force
- Manual loop insertion
- Manual blade in stainless steel holder
- Handle for safe transportation


- Air maintenance unit

Technical information

- Caliber range Ø 35 - 110 mm
- Clip sizes S-735, S-740, S-744
- Compressed air 6 bar
- Air consumption 4,2 l per cycle
- Weight 11,5 kg