Clip-XL, specialist in clip technology directly to the clipmachines
Clipmachines and clips for various applications
Clip-XL, specialist in clip technology Clip-XL, which was founded in 2012 by Robert and Helma Onstenk, profiles itself as a clip specialist. It offers a wide range of new clipmachines and provides service for various clip machine brands. Clip technology is a specialised field, where technology goes hand-in-hand with practical experience. In the past, Robert and Helma have jointly amassed over 15 years' experience at a worldwide operator in this particular sector. Robert and Helma can be of great service to customers thanks to considerable professional know-how, as well as good communication, clear agreements, fast service and effective support. Robert is an experienced all-round engineer; Helma graduated from the SVO (qualification for the meat sector) in Utrecht in 1998. 
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Lorenzo Barroso® since 1958 Lorenzo Barroso is a leading company when it comes to high quality and innovative clipping and binding machines. It offers a wide range of machines for sealing all sorts of casings, tubular films, bags, nets and other packaging using aluminium clips or cords. Its machines and clips are supplied via dealers over 80 countries on 5 continents, and are very successful in the most demanding markets. Lorenzo Barroso is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminium clips and loops. Clip-XL serves as a dealer for Lorenzo Barroso in the Benelux and Germany.
BECK-MAGA Clip machines MAGA was founded in 1990 and started as a company offering extensive services for machines used in the meat sector. The company slowly transformed into a development and production company on the back of practical experience it had already acquired. MAGA develops and builds various types of clip machines, but also has a very successful semi-automatic schnitzel maker. Considering their calibration possibilities and clip types, MAGA's clip machines are a great addition to the Clip-XL range. in 2018 the Austrian company BECK took over the MAGA company. BECK supplies its clipmachines worldwide via dealers; Clip-XL is the dealer for the Benelux and a part of Germany.