Clips and loops


  • Top quality U-clips and Ω-clips

We supply almost all types of clips for clip machines by Poly-clip System®, Tipper Tie®, Tipper Tie technopack®, Tipper Tie Alpina® (brands by companies not affiliated to us)

and, of course, our in-house brands Lorenzo Barroso® and MAGA.


  • Loops and string

In order to hang products, we offer individual loops or loop rolls (white or coloured) for almost all known clipping machines. We supply (metal) plastic-coated cords in various colours, which means they can be used in machines for ringed sausages.

If you mainly work with beef or Naturin casings, we are able to offer special jute cords.  


  • Casings

Effective casings are essential.

It is very important to use high quality casings so problems can be eliminated during the clipping process. We only supply 1A quality plastic, artificial and natural casings by renowned casing suppliers who, just like us, are specialists in their field.


   -Natural casings:

     We only supply 1A quality pork and beef casings which are
     suitable for clipping purposes. By using long, good quality casings, you will be able to            save valuable time needed for casing changes and will have less waste.


   -Artificial casings:

     Artificial casings are a very good alternative for natural casings. We supply
     various high quality artificial casings, like e.g. edible collagen casings for hot dogs,                  dry sausages and snacks.  We can also offer various skin and wood fibre casings.


   -Plastic casings:

     Plastic casings (tubular films) are available in various qualities, depending
     on the implemented end product. Casings play a very important role in the shelf-life of            some products. We are able to supply single and double-layered synthetic casings - both      transparent and coloured.