Singleclipper H1 | H-2700

The H1 is a small, high-speed pneumatic single-clipper. The H1 | H-2700 is able to process small clips, and can be used to seal small nets (net bags) and plastic bags using an aluminium clip. 


The H1 is a manual clip machine which is operated using compressed air. The to-be-closed product is placed in the opening of the machine and the push-button is then activated manually. This causes the gatherer / clip guidance to close, thus automatically sealing the clip around the product. The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. A loop can also be inserted manually. In addition, the optional manual blade can be used to cut off excess packaging.

Advantages of the H1:

- Based on compressed air

- Fast operation using push-button activation

- Long life-span due to the use of high quality material

- Minimum maintenance required

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force
- Manual loop insertion


- Manual blade in stainless steel holder
- Air maintenance unit

Technical information

- Caliber range Ø 0 - 60 mm
- Clip sizes H-2710, H-2712, H-2714, H-2716
- Compressed air 6 bar
- Air consumption 1 l per cycle
- Weight 10 kg