Horizontal clipper Helsac | H-550

Helsac is a robust horizontal pneumatic single-clippper. The Helsac | H-550 processes clipseries H-550, suitable for sealing nets (net bags) and plastic bags using an aluminium clip. Horizontal clip machines are suitable for sealing products which, due to their dimensions, weight or contents, cannot be placed horizontally - like liquids, sea food, vegetables, etc.


The Helsac is a manual clip machine which is operated using compressed air. The to-be-closed product is held upright in the opening of the machine and the push button is then activated manually. This causes the gatherer to close, thus automatically sealing the clip around the product. The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. In addition, the optional pneumatic blade can be used to cut off excess packaging. 

Advantages of the Helsac:

- Based on compressed air
- Fast operation using push-button activation
- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials
- Minimum maintenance required

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force


- Wall bracket or floor stand with plateau
- Pneumatic knife
- Air maintenance unit

Technical information

- Caliber range: depends on the width and the thickness of the material
- Clip sizes H-548, H-550, H-560
- Compressed air 6 bar
- Air consumption 5,1 l per cycle
- Weight 50 kg