Doubleclipper BDC-200 SM

The BDC-200 SM is a manually-operated, semi-automatic pneumatic double-clipper. BDC-200 SM is able to process clip series E-210. This series is suitable for sealing natural, artificial and plastic casings (tubular film) using an aluminium clip.


The BDC-200 SM is a manual double-clip machine which is operated using compressed air. The clipmachine can be mechanically and electrically connected to a filling machine. The filling tube is revealed by opening the top section, after which the new casing can be placed. The casing is passed through a casing brake, which helps to realise the required product tension. The top section is then closed again and the first clips can be sealed by pushing the gatherer handle downwards. The next portion will then be automatically supplied by the filling machine, once the gatherer handle returns to the top position.

The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. The standard pneumatic blade can be activated if necessary to create individual sausages or chain-based portions. The operator can manually insert a loop which will allow sausages to be hung up. This can also be done automatically using a loop device. The machine can be fitted with an automatic cord-feed unit for the production of ring-shaped sausages.

Advantages of the BDC-200 SM:

- Based on compressed air
- Universally deployable, fast product changes
- Can be connected to any filling machine
- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials
- Easy to clean
- Minimum maintenance required

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force
- Pneumatic knife
- Manual loop insertion
- Manual production of ring shaped sausages


- String dispenser
- Automatic looper
- Air maintenance unit

Technical information

- Caliber range Ø 25 - 90 mm
- Clip sizes E-210, E-220, E-230, E-240
- Compressed air 6 bar
- Air consumption 5 l per cycle
- Weight 53 kg