Used clipmachines

Below an overview of used clipmachines we have on stock.

If you are interested in a used clipmachine, do not hesitate to contact us. All used machines are overhauled and ready-to-use.



Brand:  TIPPER TIE technopack

Model:  Semi-automatic singleclipper TCV 1590 V


The TCV 1590 V is an electronically controlled Single Clipper for processing ready-made casing sections.

Especially suitable for large calibre sausages up to Ø150mm. Because of the long tray it's the perfect machine for long slicing-products.

The TCV 1590 V can be coupled with all conventional stuffers. 


- Stuffing tubes Ø42 en Ø54 mm

- Caliber range 50 - 150 mm

- Clipseries E510 - E540

- Extended version for slicing-products

- Stuffer connection

- Pneumatic return pump

- Pneumatic casing brake

- Prepared for length-stop