Doubleclipper BDC-200 MT

The BDC-200 MT is a manually-operated pneumatic double clipper. The BDC-200 MT is able to process clip series E-210. This series is suitable for sealing natural, artificial and plastic casings (tubular film) or nets using an aluminium clip.


The BDC-200 MT is a manual double-clip machine which is operated using compressed air. The to-be-closed is placed in the opening of the machine, and the operator pushes the clip handle downwards. This closes the clips.

The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. The standard pneumatic blade can be activated if necessary to create individual sausages or chain-based portions. The operator can manually insert a loop which will allow sausages to be hung up. The machine can be fitted wirh an automatic cord-feed unit for the production of ringed sausage (e.g. smoked sausage).

Advantages of the BDC-200 MT:

- Based on compressed air
- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials
- Minimum maintenance required

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force
- Pneumatic knife
- Manual loop insertion
- Manual production of ring shaped sausages


- String dispenser for ring shaped sausages
- Air maintenance unit

Technical information

- Caliber range Ø 25 - 90 mm
- Clip sizes E-210, E-220, E-230, E-240
- Compressed air 6 bar
- Air consumption 5 l per cycle
- Weight 20 kg