Table clipper Hemgrap Manual

Manual single-clipper for sealing natural, artificial and plastic casings (tubular film), nets and bags using an aluminium clip.


The Hemgrap manual is a mechanical and fully hand-operated machine. The to-be-sealed product is placed inside the machine and the clip handle is pushed downwards manually. This causes the gatherer /clip guide to close, thus automatically sealing the clip around the product.The closing force of the clip - clip pressure - can be adjusted manually. A loop can also be inserted manually. In addition, the optional manual blade can be used to cut off excess packaging.

Advantages of the Hemgrap Manual:

- Little physical effort needed to close the clip

- Suitable as a mobile machine because no compressed air or electricity is needed

- Long life-span due to the use of high quality materials

- Easy to clean and maintain

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Standard features

- Adjustable closing force

- Manual loop insertion


- Manual blade in stainless steel holder

Technical information

- Caliber range Ø 0 - 60 mm
- Clip sizes H-2710, H-2712, H-2714, H-2716
- Compressed air N/A
- Air consumption N/A
- Weight 9 kg